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Manual Handling

Manual handling is a major cause of workplace injury and disease in the health industry, yet many manual handling injuries are highly preventable. Injuries arising from manual handling may be acute or chronic and may affect almost any part of the body. Acute injuries include sprains and strains, cuts, bruises, fractures and dislocations. Chronic injuries (gradual onset and developing over time) include hernias, low back pain, sciatica, capsulitis and occupational overuse syndrome.

Back injuries such as sprains and strains are the most common manual handling injuries, followed by injuries to the shoulders and arms. Most injuries tend to develop over time as a result of an accumulation of small incidents rather than one major accident.

This training program has been designed to assist managers, supervisors, staff and
occupational health and safety committees and OHS Representatives within Health Services to
prevent manual handling injuries, and to meet their legislative requirements.

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